DataCar OBD2 Dongle

DataCar Smartphone Compatible OBD2 Dongle

Automotive producers are spending millions of dollars in developing new platforms and driving systems with the sole purpose of selling a better experience to the final user. Even so, it seems that there is always room for improvement. Instead of spending a few tens of thousands on a new “smart” vehicle, a little bit of knowledge and a simple plug&play device will save you even more than cash you would’ve otherwise spent on a new vehicle. Here’s how it works.

DataCar OBDII Dongle

DataCar OBD2 Dongle

The concept behind an OBD dongle is similar to those old-fashioned USB-Bluetooth dongles you used to connect to your computer so you’d be able to sync it with your phone. Instead of an USB port, DataCar dongle connects to your car’s OBD port. If your car is newer than 1996, it definitely has one somewhere beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.
Once stuck in the port, the dongle will automatically power up when the engine is running and feed important data to your iOS smartphone. For the moment, DataCar is compatible with iPhone 4 and newer versions of the iOS.

DataCar dashboard

Advantages of DataCar

First of all, you are using a device that can tell you everything you need to know about your vehicle, anytime, without having to pay good cash and spend valuable time at a service center. Given its diagnostic module, Data car feeds error codes and other info to your phone, displaying it in a nice manner within the dedicated app. This way, you will only visit repair shops when something is actually not right. When a faulty component is detected, DataCar can provide with estimative repair quotes, splitting the cost as a function of labor and component price.

DataCar gamified driving experience

Not only that it diagnoses your vehicle, but DataCar is also improving your driving style by allowing you to play a game. Using the phone while driving, you might ask? No. Once you have paired your phone with DataCar, you can set it on the dashboard or in a designated holder, follow its audio instructions without getting distracted and throw an eye on the screen now and then to check your stats.

By accelerating, decelerating, shifting and stopping properly, you will gain points within the DataCar app, and most importantly, attain a better driving style and save hundreds of dollars’ worth of gas every year.

DataCar Application Modes

Apart from the base diagnosis mode, DataCar also comes with other important features. You can fine tune your car to attain better mileage or improve performance, depending on your final goal. You can even switch between configurations when you are either hitting the track or trying to save fuel within crowded city roads.

DataCar Dyno test

An effective dynamometer integrated in the OBD dongle will provide you with an accurate Dyno graph for your car, revealing horsepower and torque performance at the wheel. Taking this data in consideration and following DataCar’s indications for speeding and shifting, your car will prove to feature enhanced performance. Make sure you are still driving your car carefully both on the road and on track; personal health is more important than anything else!

DataCar Team