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Important elements that makes you a good driver

I’m a video game lover, I like to play racing car games, and when I started to play those games, I happen to be extremely bad at it. I kept crashing and doing bad lap times, after years of practice I’ve enhanced my driving style and my overall performance.
I realized that there were some key points that had a tremendous impact in my performance, and those key elements have the same impact when driving road cars.

The first and most important element is Anticipation

By some reason very few people know and use those elements, it may sound obvious, but the fact is that is not natural to use them. The first and most important element is Anticipation: this could be as simple as if you see a red traffic light on the next intersection, you should immediately step off the gas, this automatically improves your fuel economy and it doesn’t impact your trip time. Anticipation automatically makes you a better driver, when you anticipate a corner, you have more control during turning, and you’ll have a much more comfortable exit.

The second element is quite more difficult to understand than the first one, but when you understand it, it will give you a much more comfortable and confident driving experience, this one is: understanding weight distribution. When you understand how your cars weight changes under all conditions (braking, cornering, accelerating) you will know what to expect from the car, giving you the chance to embrace the first element of anticipation on a better way. DataCar tries to encourage anticipation, by giving you rewards, when it detects that you anticipate a traffic light or a corner, this in fact, have a deep impact on driving behavior, due to the fact that as soon as the driver does the good action, it will instantly hear a reward sound, thus making that driver hungry for a reward. At the end what DataCar achieve, is to make better drivers.

DataCar Team